FreeMC - Free Minecraft Servers

FreeMC is a completely free hosting service, that gives you 2GB Free Ram with unlimited slots.

  • 100% Free - FreeMC is 100% Free, and you do not have to pay anything!
  • Fast performance - Your server will be hosted on fast hardware to ensure no lag.
  • 24/7 Online - Your server will be online 24/7, No queues, no having to renew.

Due to popular demand we have had to stop any more requests for Minecraft servers.

This is only temporary but this service will resume soon hopefully within a few days.
Once we have lifted this temporary stop we will open a waiting list for future servers.
Please check back again later or join our discord server for more up to date information.

Coming soon ... discords to join


Our new US node has been sponsored by the awesome people over at LGND Gaming