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Changing Minecraft server version - Java Edition

1) Download version you want your server to be:

Spigot (plugin support)
1.7.10: (supports 1.7.10 and 1.8.x clients)


⚠ - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - It can slow down and lag server and use too much CPU usage. In most cases your server could be suspended for High abusive CPU usage

2) Open up, login if you are not logged in already and select you server

3) Go to the File Manager

4) Right click on the old server.jar file and Delete it

5) Click on the Upload button

6) Select downloaded server.jar and click Open
If there are multiple server.jar files (server.jar, server(#).jar, server_#.jar), make sure to select latest one and when uploaded rename it to the server.jar

7) When uploaded (Blue line turns to Green line), ...

... go back to the console

8) Start the server

Common issues

EULA Error

To fix this follow these next steps:

1) Open the File Manager

2) Open eula.txt file

3) Change false to true

4) Save the file

5) Go back to the console and start the server

Missing server.jar error

1) Go to the File Manager

2) Make sure that server.jar is exactly named server.jar

3) If it is but server is still failing to start, go to the Configuration > Startup parameters

4) Type server.jar in the highlighted field on the screenshot and Update Startup Parameters

5) Start your server

Need Help?

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