Create a server

Free users can have up to 3 servers for free

Server Name Your server name can be anything longer than 4 characters and you can change it anytime on the control panel.
Memory (RAM) This is how much memory your server can use before it crashes. It is measured in megabytes.
Storage LimitFree servers get 10GB SSD for free
Node / Location This selects which physical machine (known as a node) your server will be hosted on. For node information, open the status page
This lets you connect eaiser than having to use an ip address with letters, numbers and a colon.
Server VersionYou can use your own server.jar by selecting custom at the bottom. Newer versions usually have more lag.
Java VersionUpcoming feature
PanelUpcoming feature
Public VisibilityThis is to select if you want your server to be visible on the public servers page
Accept EULAMinecraft EULA