FreeMC.Host Panel Basics

Tutorial written by NickE

What is a Node?

A node is a physical server that runs your minecraft servers

What is Memory / RAM?

This is the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) that is given to your server

What is CPU Usage?

This is the amount of CPU your server is using.

What is the Console?

This is a terminal where you can view the latest logs and send commands to your server

What are Subusers?

Subusers are other users that you can give permission to view your server

What are Schedules?

You can use schedules to schedule a command or action to be run in the future.

What is File Management?

File Management is the page where you can manage your server's files from your browser.

What are Databases?

Databases are a different way of storing data for a server rather than using files. These are only available for paid servers.

What does the Kill button do?

This immediately stops your server rather than waiting for it to gracefully stop.

What is Allocation Settings?

This is the page that shows you information about your server's primary port and any additional ports.