Memory Information

This page allows you to edit the memory between your FreeMC.Host Servers and get more.

Getting more memory (RAM)

To get more memory for your FreeMC.Host servers, you can join some of our partnered servers. These are servers that have paid us to advertise them. Most are 1GB in size. It may take up to 48 hours for the memory to arrive, so please be patient.

Editing server memory (RAM)

To edit your server's memory, you can change the value next to each server. All servers have a minimum memory size of 500 MB. Free users can't have more than 8GB per server. Once you have changed the values, make sure they do not exceed your total amount and click Update.

Get more Memory (RAM) by joining some partnered servers.

Join these discord servers and get extra memory.

Name GB

Edit Server Memory

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