How to add plugins to your FreeMC Server

Tutorial written by NickE and Zingy.


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Step 1: Download the plugin. Skip this part if you already have the plugin jar file

Minecraft Server Plugins use the .jar file format. JAR stands for Java Archive, this is because it is similar to a compressed zip. You can see what's inside the plugin, by renaming the .jar suffix to .zip and unzipping to see the source code and other files.

Search for the plugin

The most popular websites for plugins are SpigotMC and Make sure that the plugin is the correct version for your server. Run the /version (in-game) or version (console) command to find what version your server is. To change your server version, click here.

Step 2: Open the Panel.

This can be found, by clicking the Panel option in the website sidebar, or by visiting in your browser. When you open the panel, you should be automatically logged in (this will take a few seconds). Then you will be taken to the list of servers


Step 2: Click on the server you want to add the plugin on.


Step 3: Open the server's File Management page.

file management

This is on the sidebar once you have clicked on the server. If you are currently looking at the console, the sidebar is on the left of the console. The File Management option is underneath the Console option in the sidebar.

Step 4: Open the plugins folder.

This should be automatically created once you have created your server. If it is not there, you should start your server, which will create the plugin folder. Go back to the File Management page and refresh until it appears. If it has been over a minute since you created and the plugins folder has not appeared, you can use the file management create foler option to create the plugins folder, it is plugins all lowercase.

Step 5: Drag the .jar file to the middle of the page to upload.

Wait for the bar to be green to show that it is completed.

green bar

Step 6: Restart your server to load the plugin. Never use /reload as this breaks the server.